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Irish Government Encourages Mask Use in Public Where Social Distancing is Not Possible

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has dominated and changed how we live on a global scale, and throughout this ordeal, we’ve been bombarded with information about proper protocol for social distancing, the race to develop vaccines, testing (or the lack of available testing), and preventative hygiene to help stop transmission.

One area that may be misunderstood by many is how important wearing a facial covering is in situations where social distancing is very hard to accomplish – when using public transport, for example, or in shops, or any sort of confined space where being 2 metres apart is either tricky or impossible.

Detractors will say that face masks are not entirely proven to prevent contracting the virus, and the importance of masks is overstated, but they are drawing from the effectiveness of masks that are poorly used, and/or not fit for purpose. A bandana is not an effective face covering, and neither are masks that do not cover the nose and mouth area tightly without slippage. Constantly adjusting and fiddling with masks is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing, because you may be in contact with the virus with your hands, which are then going to your face to adjust your mask!

Furthermore, detractors are not focusing on the duty and care we owe to each other to prevent the spread of the virus if we are the ones infected.

With symptoms taking days to show up, and without adequate and timely testing and tracing, you could inadvertently be carrying the virus and spreading it to others when not wearing a face mask in public. It’s our duty to do what we can, together, to stop the spread of COVID-19, and by taking care of each other, as well as ourselves that we’ll be able to resume a sense of normalcy in our lives.

Those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and children may be people in our own families, so practicing this duty on behalf of others hits home in a personal way. Take a look at Ireland’s Department of Health publication on the proper use of face coverings for authentic and detailed information for you how can take responsibility and care for one another – and hit up our shop links where you can find a wide array of affordable and high-quality masks that will reduce your risk – and that of those around you.

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